Premier Fertility Center is a leading edge fertility center with worldwide recognition. We treat all aspects of infertility and specialize in treating very difficult cases where other treatments have failed. Our doctors are not just experienced but are worldwide leaders in the field. Our staff are committed to our patients and to building relationships not just families. We know you long to become pregnant and that all too often, the process can involve thousands of dollars’ worth of unnecessary test or outdated treatments leading to emotional and financial exhaustion. Our mission is to identify solutions to infertility and follow the best path so that you can have the child of your dreams as quickly and economically as possible. We consult, evaluate, test and treat our patients with cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art techniques. PFC works with your Ob/GYN to develop a personal plan emphasizing what is best for you. It brings us joy to help our patients in their journey toward conception.

We are honored to have our consulting physician who specializes in In Vitro Maturation: Dr. Seang Lin Tan. This emerging practice is especially beneficial to women with PCOS and triggers ovulation. It involves the immediate collection and fertilization of mature eggs, and the collection of immature eggs that can be matured and fertilized in a laboratory.

Learn more about Dr. Botros Rizk – consultant, Dr. Rizwan Malik, and our practice by navigating our website. You will discover more about fertility issues for women and men, what to expect, treatment options, and the terminology you will encounter along this journey. We look forward to partnering with you to reach your dream of becoming a parent.