Getting Started

Sometimes Mother Nature Needs a Helping Hand

Like moms and dads everywhere, you dream of bringing a baby into the world. If infertility is preventing you from conceiving a child of your own, Premier Fertility Center is here to help. We are on the forefront of reproductive medicine and assist couples in achieving their long awaited pregnancy. We educate, encourage and treat infertility issues with the most advanced medical options available.

Every journey is different. Dr. Rizk and Dr. Malik understand that each patient has both unique goals and unique obstacles to overcome. Our practice offers a warm, compassionate environment and patient-focused care. Together we address infertility and devise an optimal treatment plan to assist in your quest to build a family.

Patients Becoming Parents

Our fertility and reproductive services turn patients into parents. It begins with an evaluation and can extend to a variety of personalized treatments. The Premier Fertility Center helps you understand each step in the journey.

For many couples, fertility treatments are a big “unknown.” At times the medical terminology may seem overwhelming. Our mission is to explain each process and identify solutions. Together we work toward the ultimate goal — a pregnancy.

Please explore our website and call to make an appointment. There is no better time to begin your journey toward parenthood.